The Great News

October 31st, 2012
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899402_you_have_mailI have been following the comments of a reader from this blog and find myself very confused this morning. In the past, I have read on both the United States Intercountry Adoption website and the Joint Council websites where Korea has declared its desire to phase out its need for intercountry adoption in 2012. So that is the information that I went with. The US Intercountry adoption sight which is government run, stated, "Korea will phase out its need for intercountry adoption in 2012, using incountry placement to take care of their children." It appears that this has either changed or was a misquote from the start. On October 23, 2012 the Korea Times released an article entitled, Korea, US to Discuss International… [more]

Korean Adoption at a Standstill

September 29th, 2012
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1170847_gateI am so happy to tell you that adoption from this country remains open. For over a year, I have been telling you that adoption from Korea was going to close. This is still supposed to happen. Korea is working toward moving all of their adoption needs being met incountry. When this occurs, they will remove themselves from the intercountry adoption program completely. The good news is that while we are awaiting the news of their closure, they are still accepting applications for adoption. If you are interested in adopting from Korea, now is the time. I am afraid that as we look into 2013, we will hear of them moving forward with their plans to change their course. It seems that this… [more]

Adoption Remains Open

August 29th, 2012
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1383757_door_of_korean_old_styleI have heard absolutely nothing on the front of Korean adoption. This is actually a good thing because it signifies that the rumored closing of the intercountry adoption program has been held off for now. Though the United States adoption website continues to caution that Korea is looking to phase out their program- at this point it is still open. I have been talking about the rush to adopt from this country but it appears that the time frame has been extended. If you are interested in adopting from Korea, the time is right now. This program is functioning well. There appear to be few issues that will delay your plans. I do know that adoption from this country takes time. Keeping… [more]

Remembering the History

June 28th, 2012
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1210334_remember_1Korea remains on the list of most watched adoption countries because of the shift that is expected in their adoption program. The shift allows for Korean citizens to adopt children within their own culture without the cultural stigmas that are attached. In the past, adopted children were not given the same rights as biological children. This has caused issues for the children as they became adults. Korea seeks to implement these changes to move their adoption program from predominantly intercountry placements to in-country. This shift is said to be in effect in August of this year (2012.) It has been reported that the adoption program in Korea will close its doors to other countries this year as well. I am not certain if this closing… [more]

Korea Shifting Adoption Program

May 3rd, 2012
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688396_keyboard_1The Joint Council has posted a notice from the Korean Government regarding its adoption program. Prior to this announcement, the Korean officials announced that the adoption program in their country was going to shift away from intercountry adoption and focus on placing their children in-country. On March 31, 2012, a notice was released stating that by August of 2012 their adoption program would begin placing all children under the age of five months into families in Korea. This will bring down the number of children who will be placed internationally- eventually leading to the elimination of the intercountry program entirely. This notice has brought about another change to adoption in Korea by giving adopted children the same status as their biological siblings. This… [more]

Some Korean Adoptees Risk Deportation

March 28th, 2012
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653183_coffee_shop_kenson_4This is an interesting time to be involved in Korean adoption. It is said to be the 'end of an era' in regard to their adoption program. I have not heard any recent information as to when that will occur. Last year it was reported that the date of closing was 2012, since then nothing has been said. It is difficult to report about this particular country's adoption program for this reason. I have found some interesting information concerning previous adoptees from this country. According to The Korea Times, until the year of 2001, United States parents were responsible for making sure that their adopted child was naturalized as an American citizen. This has not always occurred and these adopted children (some now… [more]

Korean Adoption Remains Open

February 27th, 2012
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603840_asian_coupleThere has been no information released about the status of Korean adoption in the recent past. There appears to be no exact date as to when Korea will stop accepting prospective family applications for their adoption program. Korea has stated that in the year 2012, they will be phasing out their intercountry adoption program. They are looking to place all of their orphans through their domestic adoption program. This adoption program still placed over 700 children in 2011. This is a large number and leads me to believe that their though their phasing out program will start  this year- it will not be complete for several years while they tie up loose ends. It is difficult to see this program close its doors… [more]

Is Korean Adoption Closing?

January 29th, 2012
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1343962_gwanghwamunI have heard absolutely nothing regarding the status of adoption from this country. For the past year, it has been documented that South Korea was going to phase out their adoption program in the calendar year of 2012. Now that the infamous year has arrived, the lines of communication have gone down. I can find no affirmation of a shut-down this year. I am also finding very little in regard to the many people who are in the process of adoption from this country and what their status is. In 2011, over 700 adoption cases were still processed. That is a large number to just suddenly drop to 0. I believe that there will be a drop-ff of numbers as the cases… [more]

Is Korean Adoption Closing?

December 30th, 2011
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1126249_lockflowerIt is fairly shocking that Korea is slated to phase out their adoption program in the upcoming year. Of course, that year begins in two days. This has been painful for many people. Yet, it is true. Korea is working to close its adoption program in the year of 2012. In doing so, they are bringing their adoption needs back to their own country and have plans to place all of their orphaned children in house. This is actually a good step for Korea as a country. Their adoption program began as a result of the war that devastated their country- economically the country was hit very hard. They were also left with a lot of children fathered by the soldiers who were living there… [more]

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November 21st, 2011
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436214_leather_bound_dickensThe adoption program from Korea continues on its path toward closing its doors to intercountry adoptions, choosing to place all of their children with 'in house.' By this, I mean that they are going to place all of their orphans children within their own country which will eliminate their need for the adoption relationships that they have held with other countries for many years. This has been a difficult transition because of the long-standing ties that have been established. For many in the adoption world, watching this relationship end has brought about feelings of regret. As a person on the outside of Korean adoption looking in, I can understand those feelings. After fifty years of adoptions, a legacy is ending. Yet, there… [more]